Hobo 3 is the sequel of Hobo 2 Prison Brawl.

The story starts right after you manage to escape the prison and now you have to fight against everyone who is trying to capture you.

Hobo 3

You can use the directional keys for moving around, but you will have to head towards the right side of the screen if you want to finish the level. The A key is used for kicking and the S key for punching. You can pick up items using the A key and you can even use a gun if you find one. However, the ammo is limited, so try not to waste it. Besides weapons, you can pick up chairs or trash cans and throw them at your opponents. From time to time, you will unlock special moves. You can see the available combinations by pressing the P key. Most of these moves are related to some sort of bodily function, like puking, urinating or even popping your eyes out of your head. You will have to fight against policemen, gangs and angry women. The only way to advance to the next level is by draining their life bar before they kill you. Once a level is finished, you will receive a secret code. If you die, you can use this code to restart the game from the last level instead of playing Hobo 3 all over again.

Hobo 3 is a fun game to play, especially when you start unlocking special combos. These moves are certainly special for any flash game and you will enjoy using them on your opponents.